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Staininless Steel 304 Grab Bar

  • Stainless Steel Lift-up Support Rail
Stainless Steel Lift-up Support Rail

Stainless Steel Lift-up Support Rail

  • S80140
  • Brand: SCHTAF
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Color: Stain / Mirror Finished
  • Product description: L=600 MM / L=700 MM, D=32 MM


*Nylon material from BASF GmbH, Antibacterial, Anti-aging, Antioxidation

*Can be mounted in left hand or right hand position, increased distance from wall for easier and secure gripping

*L=600 MM / L=700 MM, D=32 MM

*loading capacity 200 kg

*Certificate: TUV, SGS


Various Colors

* The picture is for reference only, please refer to real samples.
* C898 & C818 are standard colors with adequate stocks, please consult us in advance for other colors.
* You can choose any color you like such as PANTONE number or send us color samples.

Excellent Features

SCHTAF antibacterial nylon handrails especially adopt inorganic nano-silver antibacterial technology. Inorganic nano-silver ion, with broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, can rapidly kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, canidia albicans, mildew with an effect up to 99%.

Long-lasting Colors
The thickness of nylon surface reaches to 3.5mm which is applicable to different climatic environments. Long service life is ensured by its features of UV radiation resistant, anti-aging. You can choose your favorite color matched with your personal style

The material is non-toxic and recycled, which shows the concept of "green and environmental protection" .

Anti-static property of nylon prevents products from absorbing dust. The surface is easy to clean and the high-quality nylon insulator offers better protection.

Custom Services
Taking full account of your individual needs, we design a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose, and provide you with unique customization of personality styles.

Anti-slip design with embossments ensures safety and convenience when the product is used. The high-quality nylon finish allows users to enjoy a comfortable feel and it’s nonporous surface is definitely a feast to the eye.

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