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Since 2006, SCHTAF concentrates on creation of advanced barrier-free facilities to help those in need to gain stronger ability of self-care and more opportunities to enjoy private life so that they can live with more dignity. Following the European quality standards for production, SCHTAF provides a double security of safety and comfort for bathing and defecation of the elderly and disabled people. S800 series - antibacterial nylon handrail system are barrier-free products well-designed by SCHTAF, which learns from decades of experience in Europe and sufficiently studies physical characteristics of the elderly and disabled people combined with ergonomics. The products are carried out to meet life needs closely in bathing, defecation, washing and walking and they can enhance convenience and safety greatly after installation.

SCHTAF are always committed to deliver high quality products, provide prompt and efficient services, develop innovative products and designs, and to continually improve the quality management system meeting local and overseas customers’ requirements.


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